What is Computer?

What is Computer?

A computer is a machine that can process data and perform calculations. The term computer refers to the hardware, software, and firmware used to process data.

A computer is a machine that can process data and perform calculations. The term “computer” refers to the hardware, software, and firmware used to process data.

Parts of computer?

Computer is a machine which is being used in almost all areas of our life, it is very important for you to know about computer. The origin of the word computer is from the Latin word “compute” which means to calculate. It can be said that a computer is a machine that helps us in doing calculations.

And that is why it is also called computer. A computer is an electronic device that has the ability to receive and process and store data. Computer is such a combination of “Hardware and Software” that converts data into information. Web technology has established new dimensions of knowledge in the development of Internet and mobile phones.

And has given life to a new thought process, looking at the pace of regular research and development on computer, it can be said that it will continue to introduce us to new experiences in life.

Computer Full Form

  • C – Common
  • O – Operating
  • M – Machine
  • P – Particularly
  • U – Used
  • T – Trade
  • E – Education
  • R – Research

Meaning of Computer –

The word Computer is made up of the word “Compute” of the English language and the word Computare of the Latin language, which means calculation. The meaning of the word Compute comes out of calculation itself, it means to calculate, so the computer is called a fast work machine.

Due to the computer being a machine, it does not make these mistakes and can make the computer work non-stop for a long time, which a person can work only for a limited time. A computer is an electronic device that processes data and displays results.

Computer Hardware and Software –
Computer system is divided into two parts –


Hardware –

Hardware is that part in a computer. Which we all can touch, we can see because computer hardware is a physical device, if we talk about their examples – mouse, monitor, keyboard, cpu, these are the main examples of computer hardware, we all use them to run the computer. .

In recent times, technology is progressing very fast. And because of this, the working capacity of the hardware has increased, that is, the work has increased and the hardware devices have now started working big and fast even in small sizes.

Software –

Software made from computer software, computer programming language and codes that operate the computer. Through this technology, the computer gets information and also helps in doing calculations because the computer is able to complete all these tasks only through these system software.

Software in computer like- First of all, computer needs software to operate itself, which is Mac operating system or other operating system software in windows or Apple computer. After this, the application software that is installed in the computer is different.

Classifications Of Computer

Computers are classified on the basis of their data processing capability, their purpose of computer is given on the basis of data handling functionality, size, storage capacity and performance.

Classification based on size capability and storage

Computers can be as large as the size of a large room and as small as a laptop or can be of types up to micro controllers in mobiles and embedded systems. There are four types of computers.

super computer
mainframe computer
mini computer
micro computer

Super Computer

These computers are the most powerful computers in terms of data storage capacity, performance and data processing. Supercomputers are very special computers that are used for great research and scientific use, so that they can be controlled by NASA to launch spacecraft. Super computer is being used to make and make calls in space.

These computers require a lot of space to function and are also very expensive. The first supercomputer was built in 1964, its name was CDC 6600.

Uses of Computer –

Weather forecasting:- These computers are used to forecast and predict the weather, study the intensity of rain and storm.

Earthquake information: – Supercomputers are also used to search for earthquake phenomena, they are also used to search for resources like natural gas, petroleum and even coal.

Communication: – It is very helpful in increasing the communication system between various devices of computers, machines and individuals. There are many other uses of these computers. For example, there are some famous supercomputers in testing weapons and knowing the effect of nuclear weapons –

IBM’s Sequoia in the US
Fujitsu’s Computer in Japan
PARAM Supercomputer in India

Mainframe Computer –

These mainframe computers are very expensive and are used in government organizations and large business firms or for business operations. These computers are kept in large rooms.

Where proper cooling and other facilities are available, it can process very large amount of available data at very high speed. Large commercial banks, educational institutions and insurance companies use mainframe computers to store their customer data.

Some popular mainframe computers are

Fujitsu’s ICL VME
Hitachi’s Z800

Mini Computer –

Mini computers are often used in small business. Supercomputers and mainframe computers are not as powerful. But still they come in the count of powerful machines.

These computers are used in large or middle class companies and production houses. These computers work on single user and multi user concept. Following are the examples of some mini computers.

Texas Instruments TI-990
SDS – 92

Micro Computer –

Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones are all types of microcomputers. This computer is being widely used. And emerging at a very fast pace. These computers are the cheapest of the four basic computers.

These are used to perform a general type of work, such as communication, education, entertainment, and for carrying out office work for other purposes.

Types of Computer

Laptop Computer –

This is also the type of computer which we call laptop. Laptop is a portable device that can also run on battery, which is the reason that makes it different. You can use the laptop by taking it anywhere easily.

Desktop Computer –

Desktop computer is a device to be kept on the desk table, its size is so much that you can keep it on any desk, it is mostly used at home, in school, in government institutions. Normally a desktop has monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse and these four parts together make a desktop.

Servers (supercomputers) –

A server is also a computer. When we use the internet, and you are putting any of your data on the internet, then your data is stored on a large server where there is a lot of space for storing data, understand that you are storing your data there, then it is a type of computer. It is believed.

Tablet Computers –

The tablet is smaller than the laptop, in which you can also add a keyboard, it can be used in both mobile and computer themes. Apart from this, it is fully touch screen and due to its small size, it can also be carried and used like a laptop.

Palmtop computers –

This was also a tablet-sized calculator type device, which was named Palmtop Computer. In recent times, the production of palmtop computers has stopped. And they are not used anymore.

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